LAPD Session

  • LAPD Session for the year 2015-16  :

    We had 5 LAPD sessions this year to help share best practice and learn something on a new topic of interest to the tablers

    •  A visit to Daimler Bus facility was organized to understand the latest bus building processes and manufacturing technologies
    •  Address by fellow tablers on various topics such as
    •  Experiences from the road trips from tablers who have travelled the length and breadth of the country.
    •  Important for the success of running a professionally managed family owned business and transitioning of the business
    •  Project funding model and investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector with a focus on the wind energy segment
    •  Update on advisory services on commodities and raw materials and what it means to large industries

    LAPD Session for the year 2014 – 2015 :

    Some Leaders are born but still somebody has to identify the skills in them and Nurture them. Round Table India through its Leadership and Personality Development Convener does this every by bringing out a few select Leader or skilled tablers to the fore front and nurtures them to be perfect leader.

    1st LAPD Session : - 10th Nov 2014

    Conducted an awareness programme on Infant mortality and role of Ekam Foundation. This was presented to us by Mr. BG Menon and Mr. Sunil. We at MMRT – 42, raised Rs. 16,000/- from various donors through CATD and MMRT – 42 contributed additionally Rs. 4,000/- totalling it to Rs. 20,000 to Ekam Foundation towards the benefit of 300 infants. For this event we had a special guest from our Partner Rotary Club of Madras South – Rtn. Shriprakash.

    2nd LAPD Session

    This was a great initiative by the Chairman. In this initiative every Tabler will have an opportunity to understand other Tabler’s business in detail.

    Deepak who runs the Country’s largest printing and publishing business “Multi Vista Global” came forward and invited Tablers to his facility to showcase how books were printed. The session was well organized. It was quite informative and Tablers and Twinklers were enjoyed the session.

    3rd LAPD Session

    The 3rd LAPD Session was held during the Business Meeting by Sq.Leg.Tr.Amarnath, Paterson Securities Pvt Ltd. He presented on Wealth Creation tools for today’s investor.