All our community service activities are done in partnership with our Ladies Circle Club – Madras Midtown Ladies Circle 7$ and Tangerine 111 (41club)£

A broad agenda to support to neighbour and community is put in place and some of the past work done by us are

  • Blood donation drives – annually organised in partnership with Rotary
  • Chennai Flood Relief
    • Immediate assistance for community surrounding our project schools
    • Funds raised by reaching out to previous foreign donors and facebook campaign to donate via
    • Supported community kitchens with food supplies
    • Corporate connections leveraged for material for sanitary kits
    • Project silver lining – kits with bleaching powder, gloves and face masks were handed out to prevent the spread of disease in effected areas
  • Support for medical assistance given to Cancer Patients
  • Livelihood creation for the underprivileged by providing them with basic equipment to set up a small scale income stream
  • Support and engagement with special children and senior citizens
  • Dental, medical and other awareness camps at our FTE project sites
  • Support and engagement for NGO that support Orphaned kids with special needs
  • Partnership with other organisations

If you would like to partner with us or for any community assistance please contact our Secretary – Mr Hari Govind

It is a social networking organisation for young women aged between 18 and 45. Ladies Circle aims at community service as well as promotion of friendship, at local, national and international levels. They work very closely with Round Table while maintaining their independent governance structures. LC India also strives to be non-political and non-sectarian and to participate wherever possible in community service. Visit for more information.

41 club Comprises of tablers who have retired from tabling and still would like make a difference and stay in touch. Visit for more information.

Community Service - Blood Donation Camp

Community Service - Kakkum Karangal

Community Service - Vidya Sagar

Community Service - Flood Relief

Community Service - Silverlining

Community Service - RO Pland with Rotarty partnership

Community Service - Other Assistance For School Children