Chennai Flood Relief Efforts

  • Chennai was badly affected by floods due to the rains during the entire month of Nov and what happened on Dec 1st 2015 was an unprecedented event which caused severe flooding in Chennai as a result of heavy rains and release of water from the nearby water storage bodies around Chennai. Thousands were rendered homeless overnight and the Govt. estimate of loss of lives is well over 300 in Chennai alone. The State Govt. has appealed this event to be called a “National Calamity”. What ensued after this harrowing day was a great sense of community service and help from all quarters. Individuals, NGOs, Corporates, Media and all civic bodies came together to offer relief which had gained a lot of good coverage to support the spirit of Chennai and its people.

    RTI immediately reached out for national donors to support local projects and Area 2 immediately moved into action and started to work on relief projects. Many tablers and their families have been also involved in relief work through the past 2 weeks in their own capacities. From MMRT 42 a few projects that were undertaken to provide immediate relief.

    Project 1

    Immediate Relief materials were handed over at Madras Seva Sadan school campus which is our FTE Project site to support the local communities who are settled around the school and their children attend this school on Dec 2nd and 3rd and 4th. The total fund allocated to this project was Rs 2.00 Lakhs. The funds were raised from both MMRT 42 tablers and their immediate friends.

    Project 2

    With our past experience from raising funds from global donors through crowd funding models from our past ARC challenges, MMRT 42 immediately raised awareness through a Give Asia link created specifically for the support of Chennai floods relief work. This was spread through facebook and other social media options by the tablers of MMRT 42 and our friends. As of Dec 20th a total of 2860 SGD was raised which will be brought in through RTIT for our projects which supports the Chennai rehabilitation efforts.

    Project 3

    Groceries supplies required for a community kitchen which was supporting local communities meet their demand for food. A total of - 300kg rice, 100kg oil, 150kg daal 50kg tamarind paste delivered at a Chitlapakkam kitchen catering to 1500 heads daily, twice a day food was being served in Mudichur, Ramakrishnapuram, Vellakal and Madipakkam areas. The total outlay of this project was Rs. 0.50 Lakhs Project 4

    Through our corporate connections at Godrej, MMRT 42 was able to source 6000 nos. Soaps which was used to make up the RTI kits which was an initiative from Area 2 to provide secondary relief materials aimed at basic healthcare for men and woman who were affected. The value of the sourced materials was Rs. 3.00 Lakhs

    Project 5 “Silver Lining”

    This drive was aimed to ensure that bleaching powder is spread in the most affected areas to immediately stop the spreading of fowl smell, spread of disease etc. This is very vital to ensure that epidemics related to mosquito and other water borne diseases can be controlled when there is stagnation of water and waste materials as a result of the floods. A total of 18 tonnes of bleaching powder was sourced and purchase and spread over more than 900 streets which were badly affected. Each distribution kit contained packs of 25KG powder and a set of hand gloves and face masks. A total of Rs 4.00 Lakhs was supported by funds raised from individual donors for this initiative.